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photographs by Alyce Henson

A yarn winder holding freshly washed spun yarn, under tension whilst it dries on the back deck.

This is where most of the fleece is dried after it has been washed and/or dyed and warm weather spinning and weaving is done.

Plying fiber, already fluffed onto a core thread. This is an Indian head spinner with a cast iron wheel, perfect for the job and also excellent for doing some of the heavy-weight singles used in the twill scarves.

Another view of the Indian head spinning wheel. This wheel was traditionally used by Salish women to spin the heavy singles they use in their sweaters and weaving. Originally they used large hand spindles then treadle sewing machines, converted with a bulky spinning head - then this wheel. Both the converted treadles and the Indian head spinning wheels are still in use.

Carol with her wonderful stove in the background, tying on the black warp in preparation for the next scarf. 

Carol unwinding after a long walk in the woods, filling a shuttle with the plied yarn from the spinning wheel to weave the next scarf.

Beginning work at the loom. 

Taking a break, a shuttle with handspun yarn resting on a scarf in progress on the loom.. 

Carol Rak knitting in her bare feet.

Call me and lets make something!

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