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Testimonials from clients

I received a beautiful hat made of so so soft fiber in the color turquoise. The hat is homey, cozy and full of love. My hat sits on my head like a jewel. I love love love it!!!

I have three hats from Carol. My all natural hood was made entirely from the wool of a black sheep named JJ. I love knowing his name and can relate to "black sheep". My berry hats have all my favorite colors and they are my Jazz caps that I wear around the house and also on stage when I am playing trombone. I am constantly having people tell me they love my hats. Carol involves herself with each step of the process with loving care and a great artistic sense.
Mike Smith, Carol's webmaster - www.nanoSmith.net

I bought 3 hats....my friends bought 2 hats and, so on.....it's hard to stop at one! These are the yummiest most organic hats i've ever had. I get continuous compliments!
Cari Lutz, Los Angeles CA

I love my Carol products. I am the proud owner of berry cap, a hood and a small wool rug. Every time I wear one of my hats. I guarantee that someone will compliment me on having such a cool hat and want to know how to purchase one. On cold chicago winter night sometimes I sleep with my hat on. It's a big part of me Sept. through March. It's so great to have an assecorie that is so unique and made with so much quality.
Alyce Henson, www.alycehenson.com

I'm nuts about Carol's work. A perfect marriage of fantastic yarn and great design, I have to pat myself on the back for buying one of her knitted hoods way before they did a photo spread on those hats in the New York Times.
Madeline Meyerowitz - owner, enokiworld. www.enokiworld.com

I have a beautiful sheep's fleece vest that makes me feel like a viking when I wear it! The fasteners are made from leather and wood. The coolest thing was that when I asked for a matching hat, Carol not only said that was very doable, she actually knew the individual sheep the yarn had come from - apparently it was from Lester!
Fred Hickler, www.fisheyeworld.com


Fiber Artist Carol Ann Rak at Bountiful Loom
White Warp
Photograph by Christian White


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